Terms of use of message services for mobile messages

You agree to use this site only for legitimate purposes, and you will refrain from sending or broadcasting any material through this site that would infringe or infringe on the rights of others, restrict or prevent their use of this site, or involve illegal, To threaten, insult, defame, infringe upon the privacy of others, the copyrights of others, obscene language, insult Islam or sanctities, violate their sanctity, be otherwise unacceptable, or encourage the commission of Or involving an offense which entails civil liability or is in violation of any law.

The Site is not responsible for the delay or loss of messages in the following cases:
               1. Write mobile numbers incorrectly
               2. No text messaging service, language used or incompatibility in the future mobile
               3. Lack of coverage of the mobile network in the receiver's mobile or out of coverage

Important points for safe use
               4. It is forbidden to send mass messages after 11 pm
               5. The sender shall bear all dependencies on the use of any of the registered trade names without the permission of the owner company
               6. It is not permitted to send messages with content that is devoid of etiquette or general taste.
               7. It is not allowed to send messages containing "premium numbers" such as those used in competitions and succession, which are accurate tariff contact more expensive than normal tariff

We review all messages sent by us before sending the actual messages so that we can verify the content of all messages. We are entitled not to send any message that violates the terms of use described above and take all legal measures towards the sending agency through full cooperation with the competent security authorities.