We at "Future SMS" give your privacy and confidentiality a great interest, so it is useful to read the privacy policy carefully:

    This site is not created for the purpose of collecting your personal data, but only the data that you provide to us will be kept for your own free will.
Internet Protocol (IP) address
    When you visit any Web site, the IP address, date and time of the visit and the location you are logged into are recorded.
Disclosure of information
    We will not disclose your confidential data to any party except to the extent permitted by law when necessary by a court order issued by a responsible government agency.
Data required to perform the transactions required by you
    The data we need to provide the service to you we will ask you to provide it of your own free will, and we will not disclose it to anyone who exploits it for marketing and advertising, and will do our utmost to protect and maintain.
Disclosure of information to any third party
    We will not deliver your data to any third party except in the case of a judicial order or request by a responsible judicial body.
Modifications to privacy policy and privacy of information
    This policy is subject to review and amendment and you should review it from time to time so that you can know what is new.
    We do our best to keep you private, and it's good to see the usage agreement.