Do you have a special program that you would like to connect with the Future SMS service to connect with the mobile owners stored in your database?
We offer you SMS Gateway api, which allows you to easily connect your program, website or system, whatever the programming language used in our SMS Gateway, to receive a distinctive, secure and reliable SMS service to connect with your own system. Your.


What does Future SMS Gateway offer?
Message Portal allows you to connect to our portals to send SMS using your user name and password through the Internet pages that enables you to perform the following operations:
1. Send SMS messages with the possibility of specifying the name of the sender, the text of the message you want to send, the numbers you want to send easily and complete flexibility.
2. Balance inquiry where you can find out your current balance by sending your username and password to the credit check link to get back to you with your current balance.
3. Send variable messages where you can send more than one message to more than one mobile so that there is a different message for each mobile at once without having to send it in several batches.

4 - Send a mobile message at a later time where you can specify the date and time of future transmission required.