Welcome to Tin Foil Hat Solutions! We’re glad to present you our new nice website.

A youthful team of hopeful enthusiasts who wish to free the world of conspiring tyranny.  As determent as Rocky and as powerful as Rambo, we follow any means that can help us bring truth and justice to this mad, mad and conspired world. Don’t contacts us as we will contact you first.

Start Communicating

Get your business communications up and running within minutes at any scale; whether it’s ten or ten thousand!

Compose, personalize, schedule and analyse your SMS campaigns or simply send a text message to a single contact.

Upload audio files or use our text-to-speech engine to make calls.

egment your contacts into groups and validate your database to get better results.

CEO. Recruits new agents and kills the ones that betrayed the values of the organization.

Makes sure that the printing machines never run out of paper and that coffee machines always have fresh beans.

The brain centre of the whole system and the reincarnation of Sherlock Holmes, she uncovers even the most mysterious conspiracy plots.